Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Stubbed Edu in

Done with 5th semester in TYBMM what are you waiting for the last leg to get over? After nice lousy,
fulfilled vacations you happen to resume college for yes the last step to become a “grad”. Meeting
up with friends, at college hogging in to hot dogs in the college canteen, uhh terrified to still attend
lectures but the motivation is to get through all the examination shit!! Whoa!! Janet seems to think
a lot before entering her college for the last semester. Cozy winter she enters college first thing her
eyes look up to is her guy standing at the annexure building. A cool dude, spkyed hair, nicely tuck
shirt and clean shaved. She hugs him and they plan to attend the lecture.

The first ever lecture of 6th semester. Here walk is a professor tall, apaunch, wearing formals, glasses
and a laptop bag in his hand. The Janet is engrossed BBMing in the meanwhile he introduces himself
he tries to put everyone to attention at what he speaks. Janet still stuck to BBM. He then throws
a chalk at her to seek her attention and she looks at his face and the first thing she looks at is eyes
behind those glasses are queries and stubble. Somewhere she is disgusted by the stubble. She
excuses herself saying she wanted to use the washroom and vanishes.

Since then my pierce, hairy professor out these she hasn’t attended that lecture. What all can
stubble do? Are you kidding me not attending a lecture because of a professor having stubble? Such
a stubbled mahnn. Janet is now a graduate and she disowns

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